About us

Asian Food Journey was born from a yearning for authentic Indonesian and Asian cuisine. It only started by sharing photos of my cooking on my personal social media account. We are aware that not many authentic Indonesian recipes have been written in German or English. That understanding finally led to the idea to summarize the dishes that I had cooked into a blog based on German and English. We strive to bring authentic flavors from Indonesia and Asia to your kitchen.



I am Anita and officially reside in Germany since May 2018. Born and raised in Indonesia makes me always miss the taste of Indonesia. This is why I am increasingly enthusiastic about cooking. Although actually my hobbies have always been cooking and traveling. But my career in Indonesia demand more time from me, so the opportunity to explore cooking was very limited. Even sometimes laziness controls me because it was very easy to get Indonesian cuisine or other Asian dishes with authentic flavors. But in Germany, all the comfort I get is practically lost. But I am grateful because I can have enough time to re-explore with “cooking”. Indonesian and Asian cuisine are complex, but I guarantee if the results are worth it. And trust me that you will re-cook it. So please support this blog and good luck trying various recipes that are available or the recommendations that we provide. Feel free to drop me an email at asianfoodjourney@gmail.com if you have questions, suggestions or constructive criticism.




My name is Anna, I was born and raised in Poland, Warsaw. My passion is online and visual communication. I like traveling, meeting new people, art, foreign languages, doodling, cooking, and, for the last few months, also house plants.

I met Anita in Germany. We were in the same situation – at that time without knowledge of German in the new country. But what we had was proactive thinking and conviction, that we, as goal-oriented international women, can make our success step by step also in Germany. After a short time, we decide to do something together. A blog about Asian cuisine was the choice – Anita knows everything about Asian food, especially from her home country, I love online media and what I have to say I’m also passionate about Asian cuisine.

We have been assembling our brand with a great commitment since Oktober 2020. We want to make Asian food known in Germany better and popularize the best authentic recipes. Asian cuisine is very complex, so we will also provide information on where to buy ingredients to make your cooking easy. I hope you find our website useful and will come back to it frequently.

Have fun with reading and cooking <3